The 10 Best Golf Betting Sites in the UK

When it comes to finding value with every bet placed, few sports can compete with golf for the sheer financial gain that can be had when betting on it.

The fundamental factor that makes golf betting so potentially lucrative is that players are not facing off directly in most golfing events – they are playing against the course and conditions, making it (in theory) a far more open field.

In the biggest events on the golfing calendar, as many as 150 players can line up at the first tee – which too adds to the unpredictability and potential betting value of each golf event.

Punters can find multitudes of markets to bet on within the golfing sphere and it is a sport that bookmakers have earmarked as a potential money spinner.

Ante-post golf betting markets have always been popular and remain hugely profitable if they come off – as picking a winner of a golf tournament before the first ball has been struck, is one of the hardest things for any punter or tipster to do.

The emergence of online sports betting has seen a wealth of in-play betting markets within golf that punters can utilise and with the speed of the game being far slower than most sports, punters can weigh up all the options before placing down any betting stakes on golf.

In the UK, the two major tours that offer golfing markets are the European Tour and the PGA Tour – with both competitions hosting around 40 tournaments a year, punters truly are spoilt for choice.

Emerging golfing tours are also popping up in Asia and Africa and as one of the most globally recognised games on the planet, the accompanying betting markets are booming within the world of golf.

Top 10 Golf Betting Sites in the UK

1. Bet 365

Every bookmaker on the market is all too aware of the potential rewards within golf betting (for both sportsbooks and punters) and Bet 365 are one of the very best in the world at offering competitive, golf odds for punters.

With in-play and ante-post markets across all of the major events on both the European and PGA Tours, as well as markets on the Sunshine Tour and many more – golf betting enthusiasts always have options available to them.

Along with the huge market depth, Bet 365 also give their customers excellent value within the odds of every golf bet placed and with frequent offers and promotions centering round some of the biggest golfing events on the calendar, all levels of golf punter can find something that works for them with Bet 365.

2. Ladbrokes

One of the major players on the UK betting scene, Ladbrokes have long had an association with golf, and they offer some of the very best golfing odds around.

Whilst the competitive nature of the odds will always attract punters, the market depth and betting frequency they also offer punters is a big draw – meaning all levels of golf punter are accommodated for with Ladbrokes.

In-play golf betting is a relatively new phenomenon that Ladbrokes are on-board with and with an excellent interface making golf betting a doddle, Ladbrokes are a must-use for all levels of golf bettor.

3. 888 Sport

Globally, few sports are played as comprehensively as golf – a statistic, which is represented within professional golf, with players coming from all 4 corners of the globe.

As an international brand, 888 Sport provide some of the most comprehensive golf betting markets to punters, across a range of high-level and semi-pro tournaments.

More niche bets can also be found on the big events, making 888 Sport a great resource for punters looking for maximum value with every bet placed.

Whilst the odds offered by 888 Sport perhaps don’t stand out significantly within the marketplace, the sheer size of the golf betting operation with 888 Sport will entice punters and with in-play and live streaming options too – punters have plenty to get their teeth stuck into.

4. Coral

Odds are essential when looking for the best golf bookmaker, with the difference of each players odds within a competition often having a significant impact on any winnings gained.

Coral are always one of the market leading operations when it comes to providing value for customers with their bets and their golf odds are unrivalled.

Golf accumulator bets are also encouraged with Coral, who offer money back if one leg of a multiple bet lets a punter down on golf and other sports.

In-play golf betting and live streaming with Coral has never been easier and whilst the market depth isn’t as comprehensive as some offerings, golf punters will always find value when betting with Coral.

5. Betway

Punters are always looking for niches when betting on golf and when it comes to maximising earning potential, few sportsbooks are as competitive as Betway.

With odds offered on individual players, margin of victory and in-play bets on individual holes, punters do get the full experience when betting on golf with Betway.

Value within the odds isn’t always a strong point with Betway but with occasional live streaming and a simple to navigate interface, punters get plenty of bang for their buck with Betway – who continue to be one of the most reliable sportsbooks on the market.

6. Paddy Power

When it comes to attracting new customers through enticing sign-up offers, very few bookmakers can compete with Paddy Power.

Notorious for paying out to as many as 10 places on some golfing events, the novelty factor of betting with Paddy Power can yield significant rewards for punters.

There is more to Paddy Power than meets the eye though with a range of markets offered on every golfing event and hugely competitive golf odds, punters are never stuck for a golf betting option with Paddy Power.

7. Betfred

Providing value with every bet is very much a M.O for Betfred, who look to keep the punter happy by offering them the best odds around.

This mantra rings true within the golf betting sphere, with their market-leading odds encouraging punters to get stuck into their golf betting options.

As an offering, they perhaps don’t offer the same range of golf betting markets as some of their competitors, but in-play markets are commonplace and with some live streaming options available too, golf betting enthusiasts can always find something to work with at Betfred.

8. Betfair

Whilst they are a company known for their sport exchange (that sees punters lay money against each other) Betfair also offer one of the very best sportsbooks on the market.

The odds offered by Betfair on many golf events are hugely competitive and punters can always find value, whether they are betting on a major or a niche competition on the Asian Tour.

Furthermore, the wealth of markets thrown up by Betfair is hugely enticing for punters and expert bettors tend to thrive from their statistical analysis and expert insight.

Rookie punters may find the Betfair operation a little daunting but for those who know what they are doing, Betfair is the perfect sportsbook.

9. Uni Bet

Golf’s presence within Europe is huge and Uni Bet’s heritage continues to play a part in the way the bookmaker operates today.

Value and simplicity are two components Uni Bet always work with and punters can always find profitability when betting with Uni Bet on golf.

The user interface is one of the very best on the market, allowing rookie punters to get to grips with betting on golf quickly. In addition, the odds offered by Uni Bet are some of the best around and they often pay out to 6 places or more on the biggest golfing events.

In-play betting options and live streaming viability is a bit limited with Uni Bet but all levels of punter have the resources to churn out a profit when betting on golf with Uni Bet.

10. Sport Pesa

UK based company Sport Pesa have made a real splash on the British betting scene since their launch in 2014 and golf betting is a big part of their operation.

Odds are always the attraction for new bookmakers and Sport Pesa offer some of the very best around – particularly on the more established events on the European and PGA Tours.

Furthermore, Sport Pesa appear to have a put a lot of time and energy into giving customers a holistic betting experience and golf punters will always find a market that works for them with Sport Pease, regardless of their bank balance or betting aspirations.

How to Find the Best Golf Bookmaker

The dynamic of golf betting has changed markedly in recent years, with punters now able to bet online at the touch of a button on golf – as the tournament is unfolding – rather than have to go into a betting shop to place an ante-post punt.

With so many betting options on the market for golf punters, there are plenty of things to consider when looking for the best golf bookmaker:

Golf Betting Options

Whilst placing a straight wager on a particular golf tournament can be lucrative, it is also very unlikely to come off on too many occasions – which ultimately leaves punters out of pocket.

The best bookmakers on the market offer odds across a range of disciplines from ‘1st Round Leader’ to ‘Top European’ and finding these niches in the marketplace can have a huge impact on the golf betting options available to punters.

Value for Money

Golf betting is notoriously tricky, meaning punters must do all they can to extract every bit of value they can from every bet placed.

Simple research on the best odds around can have a big impact on any financial gains, so punters should always look for maximum value for money when golf betting.