The 10 Best Greyhound Betting Sites in the UK

As one of the oldest pastimes in UK sport, greyhound racing continues to hold plenty of weight with both bookmakers and punters alike.

Central to the appeal with the ‘dogs’ is convenience. With races taking place across the UK (and beyond) every 5 minutes, punters can sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options at their disposal.

Furthermore, with only 6 dogs taking part in every race, the permutations in every race are relatively limited – meaning there are a wealth of markets bettors can access without losing any of their winning potential.

Dog tracks across the UK aren’t the hive of activity they once were but with bookmakers able to see the value in greyhound racing, the industry is flourishing with punters and sportsbooks alike.

Essential to greyhound racing’s success is the accompanying live streaming options available on every race, with punters able to watch the action unfold whilst betting on it – adding to the holistic experience.

Online betting has swarmed the market in recent times and with in-play betting replacing in-store, punters have seen greyhound as a niche in the market.

Top 10 Greyhound Betting sites in the UK

1. William Hill

As one of the original bookmakers on the UK betting scene, William Hill have always played an important part in the development of greyhound racing.

Few bookies can compete with William Hill when it comes to sheer numbers of greyhound bets offered – with a packed race calendar from all over the UK and beyond.

Along with such frequency of betting options, William Hill are also market leaders at in-play greyhound racing betting and finding niches in the market for punters to bet on such as Forecasts and Tricasts.

Live steaming is also a big part of the William Hill operation on greyhound racing and with competitive odds to boot, they offer a holistic betting experience for any greyhound racing betting enthusiast.

2. Bet 365

In an ever-evolving world of sports betting with new and upcoming sports constantly vying for attention with sportsbooks, Bet 365 continue to see greyhound racing as an important part of their offering to customers.

The USP for Bet 365 is always market variety and with streaming rights to races all over the country, punters are spoilt for choice in terms of the greyhound betting options available to them with Bet 365.

In addition, the notoriously easy to navigate Bet 365 homepage, allows punters to easily navigate to all of the greyhound markets at their disposal and in-play bets are commonplace too.

As with most sports, Bet 365 offer a comprehensive betting experience with greyhound racing, suitable for all levels of bettor.

3. Grosvenor Sport

Having originally made a name for themselves within the casino and slot betting markets, Grosvenor Sport have made a successful splash into the world of sports betting in recent times.

With competitive odds across all greyhound meets and a range of enticing ante-post and in-play bets on offer, Grosvenor Sport have become a hugely reliable resource for greyhound punters.

One glaring admission from the Grosvenor Sport operation is the lack of live streaming coverage available to greyhound punters but with in-play bets available, a packed calendar to bet from and plenty of promotions and offers to get stuck into, they are one of the best greyhound betting operators around.

4. Betway

A quintessential British bookmaker is always likely to have greyhound racing close to their heart and few companies support the cause more vigorously than Betway.

With sponsorship of some of the biggest and most notorious events on the greyhound racing calendar, Betway see greyhound racing as an important part of what they do.

Punters have access to live streaming rights from tracks all over the UK and odds offered by Betway on greyhound racing are up there with the very best.

For what they lack in promotional activity and market variety, they more than make up for in the simplicity of the operation for all levels of punter and they are a shrewd bookmaker for all levels of greyhound bettor to stake with.

5. Mansion Bet

Having a strong presence within the greyhound betting sphere can be hugely beneficial for sportsbooks and Mansion Bet have emerged as a major player on the UK greyhound betting scene.

Despite only really emerging onto the market for UK punters in the last 5/10 years, Mansion Bet have made a significant impact for punters.

When it comes to promotional activity, few bookies can compete with Mansion Bet – who are always looking for new and innovative ways to entice new customers to bet with them.

The odds offered by Mansion Bet are always super competitive and with plenty of depth within their greyhound betting markets, punters have plenty of options.

Live streaming is yet to be added to their greyhound betting operation, but they continue to make their presence felt in a congested marketplace.

6. Paddy Power

When it comes to attracting new customers, very few bookmakers can compete with Paddy Power.

Unforgettable advertising campaigns encourage punters to engage with Paddy Power, who offer some of the very best coverage on greyhound racing.

With live streaming and in-play bets a given on every UK and Irish greyhound meet, it is hard to go wrong with Paddy Power.

In comparison to some of their biggest competitors, Paddy Power perhaps don’t offer the very best odds on greyhound racing but with plenty of betting opportunities for punters to exploit, Paddy Power offer a comprehensive greyhound betting platform.

7. Ladbrokes

Another bookmaker that has long been a staple part of the UK betting scene is Ladbrokes and having found continual value from greyhound racing betting in-store, they have transformed that into the online world seamlessly.

Like all of the major bookies in the UK, Ladbrokes offer live streaming and in-play betting coverage from all of the greyhound tracks across the UK, with commentary and statistical analysis also provided.

With a trusty offer for new players and loyalty rewards for existing ones, Ladbrokes are always quick to reward their punters but in comparison to some of the other offerings out there – their market depth isn’t quite as broad.

But with great odds across every race on the greyhound calendar, punters always find value for money when greyhound race betting with Ladbrokes.

8. Betfred

Sponsorship of events is always a big indicator of how seriously a bookmaker takes a sport and with plenty of races within the UK greyhound racing calendar supported by Betfred, they continue to see the sport as essential within their operation.

Live streaming rights and in-play betting come as a given with Betfred on greyhound racing and the enticing promotional activity available with Betfred always attracts players – regardless of their betting aspirations.

With excellent odds across every race, the Betfred greyhound betting experience can be a hugely lucrative one.

Whilst navigating the Betfred interface isn’t as straightforward as it is with some bookmakers, knowledgeable punters can always find value with Betfred and they offer an excellent greyhound betting platform for bettors.

9. Coral

Coral have long had a strong presence within the UK betting scene, and they continue to see greyhound racing as a sport that is hugely important to their profitability and viability.

With financial backing at plenty of events within the UK greyhound racing calendar and a live streaming platform for punters to enjoy the races from, Coral continue to invest heavily in the development of the sport.

The odds offered up by Coral on greyhound racing aren’t as jaw-dropping as some, but they are consistent in what they offer to customers and their sign-up promotions are always worth getting involved with.

The USP for Coral is market variety, with a range of betting options for punters to indulge in within greyhound racing and they are a bookmaker offering something for everyone.

10. BetVictor

Similarly, BetVictor invest heavily in the development of greyhound racing as a sport and that is reflected with its status within their operation.

As with many sports, in-play betting is a huge part of what BetVictor do and the markets available to punters as the action is unfolding is unrivalled.

The greyhound racing odds offered by BetVictor are amongst the very best out there and with live streaming available too, punters cannot really go wrong when greyhound racing betting with BetVictor.

How to Find the Best Greyhound Bookmaker

Greyhound betting has been a huge part of the British betting scene for the best part of a century and they continue to play an integral part in the bank balances of sportsbooks.

With so many betting options on the market for greyhound punters, there are plenty of things to consider when looking for the best greyhound bookmaker:

Market Frequency

Greyhound betting is a constant money-spinner for both punters and sportsbooks in equal measure.

Be sure to look out for the bookmakers that provide frequent ante-post and in-play greyhound betting options and embrace the opportunity within them.

Research the Odds

With so many markets for punters to utilise within greyhound racing, finding value with every bet is key.

Bookmakers fluctuate massively within the greyhound market so doing some basic research can yield some significant rewards for all levels of punter.