The 10 Best Cricket Betting Sites in the UK (2022)

The unique scoring system associated to cricket throws up many niches that make it the hugely popular sport that it is today.

In the betting world, cricket presents huge opportunities for punters, with the natural variation of the game and the different formats within which it is played, a potential gold mine for bettors.

Furthermore, cricket’s global appeal and jam-packed calendar, makes it a favourite betting vocation of many – who look to maximise the niches within the game of cricket for financial gain.

Historically, cricket was not a sport that was hugely bet on in the UK, with 5-day Test Matches not always capturing the imagination of the casual, in-store punter.

With the advent of shorter format cricket coinciding perfectly with the boom in popularity of online betting, cricket punting has become a staple of every sportsbook in the UK.

There has never been more matches to bet on, or resources to bet with for cricket fans, in what truly is the golden age of cricket punting.

Straight win markets can of course yield value, but with the draw unlikely – punters are often chasing money in a two-horse race when betting on cricket.

The real value however can be found within the in-play cricket betting markets, where punters can bet on broader outcomes such as ‘next wicket to fall’ or ‘which team will have the highest opening partnership’ all they way through to spot betting on individual deliveries.

With such flexibility within the cricket betting market, it has become a hugely profitable vocation, for all levels of bettor and bookmakers in equal measure. 

Top 10 Cricket Betting Sites in the UK

1. Ladbrokes

Cricket has long been a national institution in the UK and Ladbrokes have been influential in the rise of cricket betting within a congested marketplace.

Odds win over punters and with some of the very best prices on the market, punters know they are getting maximum value for money when betting with Ladbrokes.

Variety within the cricket market always encourages punters to bet and with a multitude of cricket betting markets for bettors to utilise, there are options aplenty with Ladbrokes’s cricket betting roster.

In-play betting is also a fundamental operation within cricket and Ladbrokes are pioneers for offering markets on the cricket as the action is unfolding.

With all of the major leagues across the world offered in T20, ODI and Test Match Cricket – Ladbrokes have all cricketing bases covered.

2. William Hill

Similarly, William Hill’s presence within the UK betting scene has such longevity that cricket punting is an integral part of their betting operation too.

Live streaming and in-play betting are commonplace with William Hill, who also offer some of the very best cricketing odds around.

T20 competitions in India, Australia, Pakistan and beyond all present ideal opportunities for players to win money when cricket betting with William Hill.

Their market depth is unrivalled, with punters able to access all of the major cricketing markets – as well as plenty of niche ones – allowing every player to find the market that suits their needs best.

With excellent offers and promotions as well as a tried and tested user interface, punters of all levels can find something that works for them with William Hill.

3. Paddy Power

Few sports can compete with cricket when it comes to global appeal and Paddy Power tap into that niche in the market.

Whilst all of the major Test Series and One-Day International markets are covered, Paddy Power also offer excellent odds on county cricket fixtures all over the world – a godsend for punters seeking value.

In-play betting is also an important part of the Paddy Power operation and with superb cricket betting odds, value can be found within every Paddy Power cricket betting market.

They are a bookmaker renowned for excellent sign-up offers and loyalty bonuses, which can all be used within the cricket betting domain and punters know they are always betting with a reputable bookmaker when punting with Paddy Power.

4. Coral

Another bookmaker with rich British heritage is Coral and their standing within the cricket betting market continues to grow.

Market depth is a huge pull for cricket punters and the wealth of betting options offered by Coral on cricket make them a viable bookmaker for all levels of bettor.

Rookie punters always get maximum value with Coral, who give incredible odds across a range of sports and their prices within cricket betting markets are hugely competitive in a congested marketplace.

Coral also work well within the confines of the global cricket calendar and with frequent offers and promotions for punters to get their teeth into the cricket sphere, Coral are an excellent choice for any cricket betting enthusiast.

5. Betway

Betting in-play is a huge part of the appeal for cricket betting fans and few bookmakers do it better than Betway.

With odds adorning the homepage and easy to access bets, Betway entice punters into betting on cricket in a range of ways and their continued attention to detail helps them stand out from the pack.

Whilst the odds offered by Betway perhaps don’t have the ‘wow factor’ of some of their competitors, they have excellent market depth along with statistical insight and analysis that enables players to comer more informed when betting on cricket, making Betway the ideal choice for any cricket betting rookie.

6. Betfred

Odds are one of the essential elements punters should look for when choosing their perfect bookmaker and Betfred offer some of the very best on the market.

With great prices available both in-play and ante-post, cricket bettors have plenty of earning potential with Betfred.

Whilst they perhaps don’t offer the market depth of some of their competitors, their excellent pricing structure and enticing, regular odds and promotions encourage punters to bet with Betfred across a range of cricketing markets.

Few companies can compete with Betfred when it comes to being user-friendly and they accommodate for all levels of punter – regardless of their bank balance.

7. Sporting Bet

Having a broad spectrum of markets to pick from when cricket betting can hugely impact on potential earnings and Sporting Bet provide some of the most diverse cricket betting opportunities around.

With big-name T20 leagues all the way through to county cricket matches available to bet on, punters can always find a market that works for them with Sporting Bet.

Whilst live streaming options are yet to come to fruit for cricket punters, the in-play options bettors have at their disposal are superb with Sporting Bet – who have emerged as a major player on the cricket betting scene in recent years.

8. Betfair

The unique scoring system that comes attached to cricket presents huge opportunities for punters and through both their exchange website and sportsbook operation, Betfair offer a plethora of betting windows for punters.

Whether it be ‘method of next dismissal’ or ‘margin of victory’, Betfair offer some of the most dynamic cricket betting options – with superbly competitive odds.

Promotional activity isn’t a priority for Betfair but for punters who have knowledge within the cricket betting sphere, there is plenty of earning potential when betting with Betfair.

9. Uni Bet

Perhaps surprisingly given their European heritage, Uni Bet are one of the most established names on the UK cricket betting scene.

User friendly odds and in-play betting is at the heart of the operation for Uni Bet, who always look to keep punters informed and ensure they get the best bets available to them.

A scan of the Uni Bet homepage instantly gives punters a lowdown on the latest odds from most cricket matches around the world and with games changing in an instant, Uni Bet present plenty of opportunities to win.

Whilst their odds may not be as favourable as some sites, Uni Bet offer a comprehensive cricket coverage – which punters can always find value from.

10. 888 Sport

888 Sport have transitioned seamlessly into the world of online sports betting and their cricket section stands up well in comparison to the rest of the marketplace.

Variety of bets is often what 888 Sport look to achieve for their punters and they offer out some of the most niche betting options available to players.

Cricket fans can also enjoy the in-play betting features and occasional live streaming offered up by 888 Sport and whilst their odds can be a little underwhelming, 888 Sport offer a great cricket betting platform for all levels of punter.

How to Find the Best Cricket Bookmaker

As a sport, cricket betting has been quite late to the party for punters and the niches within every game of cricket are can be a potential goldmine.

With so many betting options on the market for cricket punters, there are plenty of things to consider when looking for the best cricket bookmaker:

Worldwide Cricket Markets

With T20 leagues being played all over the world and county cricket still flourishing in the UK, cricket betting enthusiasts are spoilt for choice within the marketplace.

It is a sport that follows the sun, so cricketing events at some professional level are played 12 months of the year and the best sportsbooks offer out competitive cricket odds all year round.

Cricket Betting Odds

Value is one of the most attractive elements to punters when betting on cricket and punters should always look for the very best odds available to them.

All of the major bookmakers in the UK offer excellent cricket betting coverage and shopping around for maximum value can benefit punters hugely.