Best Free Live Golf Streaming Sites in 2022

When it comes to finding value within the sports betting sphere, very few sports can compete with the sheer unpredictability of golf.

Events on both the PGA and European Tours feature packed fields of over 100 golfers and finding a winner each weekend can be a bit of a needle in a haystack job.

Whilst betting on golf can be hard, it can also be hugely rewarding, and dedicated golf fans are spoilt for choice with two big events taking place across the world on any given weekend.

The PGA Tour continues to attract the biggest purses within the golfing fraternity whilst the European Tour is emerging as a serious contender and of course headline acts such as the four majors and the Ryder Cup also dominate column inches.

Women’s golf is continually on the rise too, with both American and European Tours well viewed whilst golf is on the rise in Asia and Africa, with Satellite Tours emerging.

Consequently, the live streaming options available to fans of golf have never been broader and sportsbooks are also becoming savvy to the potential money spinner that golf can be within a congested marketplace.

We would like to make it clear that we do not encourage or in any way condone any form of piracy. When visiting streaming sites, it’s your responsibility to check the legal and copyright status of the content you access.

In addition, few sports can compete with golf when it comes to frequency of action and with events taking place all over the world every weekend, fans are continually kept abreast of the golfing action.

Finding the Best Free Golf Streaming Sites

With so many golf streaming sites available to fans, there are plenty of things to look out for:

  • Advertisement Pop-ups – Adverts are part and parcel of watching any sport but ads popping up at inopportune moments can be stressful for all levels of golf fan. Be sure to look out for the providers that keep stubborn ad campaigns to a minimum.
  • Security Protocols – There is always a risk associated with using streaming sites, with some operations masquerading to be genuine when they actually aren’t. Research and user reviews are always recommended for any potential streaming site users. 
  • Tournament Variety – The international golf calendar is booming, and fans will want maximum viewing capacity from their streaming site. Looking for the golf streaming sites that provide the most amount of golf viewing options is key for any golf enthusiast.

Best Regular Live Golf Streaming Sites

Regular live golf streaming sites are standalone sites that provide golf action for fans, without being affiliated to betting organisations.

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch are a hugely reputable streaming site, that have the safety and security of their users at heart and their golf offering is second to none.

Events from Europe, America and beyond are easily accessible through the Stream2Watch site and the quality of live golf streaming is excellent.

Pop-ups are present with Stream2Watch, but golf fans can always find a working stream for them if they are persistent.

In-play betting odds and statistics are also available with Stream2Watch who provide an excellent streaming service for all levels of golf fan.

2. Hesgoal

Hesgoal are notoriously a football-centric streaming site but their golf offering stands up well in a congested marketplace, with regular tournaments for fans to get their teeth into.

USPGA and European Tour events dominate the tournaments on offer with Hesgoal but there are regular viewing options available on the LPGA Tour and Asian and Sunshine Tours.

Pesky advertising campaigns are often very sticky with Hesgoal but with high quality streams available, in a variety of different commentary languages – golf fans rarely miss out on any of the action.

3. Live TV

Diversity is one of the key components offered up by Live TV and their golf streaming options add to the vast array of sports they currently serve up to their users.

All of the major events on the golfing calendar are easily accessible through Live TV, who also look to keep golf fans well informed with statistical analysis and betting odds for those who fancy a flutter.

Streaming quality is sometimes questionable with Live TV, which can pose a problem for some golf fans but with limited advertising campaigns – streaming golf with Live TV is an enjoyable experience.

4. Crickfree

Having been a major player on the live free sports streaming scene for the best part of a decade, Crickfree are well versed in the popularity of golf watching.

With most key events on the golf calendar represented, both in Europe and Asia, golf fans are always kept abreast of the action with Crickfree – who offer some of the highest quality streams around.

Advertising campaigns are frequent and stubborn with Crickfree but golf fans who have plenty of patience can get maximum viewing pleasure from live golf streaming through Crickfree.

5. FromHot’s

Simplicity is a key component for any live streaming fan, as faffing around a website looking for your chosen sport can be draining.

FromHot’s offer one of the most user-friendly streaming websites on the market and their level of golf coverage is solid.

All of the major events from both the men’s and women’s game are easily accessible through FromHot’s who offer excellent streaming capacity.

Whilst the overall level of golf offering isn’t as comprehensive as some streaming sites and advertising campaigns are frequent and frustrating, they offer an excellent golf streaming resource for all levels of golf fans.

Best Live Golf Streaming Betting Sites

Central to the appeal of golf within the sports betting sphere is unpredictability and there is always value to be found within a golf tournament.

With most events played over 4 days, there are plenty of ebbs and flows – ideal for in-play betting and the speed of the game of golf also encourages punters to get stuck into golf betting markets too.

1. Paddy Power

Maximising your golf streaming options is key for all levels of fan and Paddy Power offer arguably the most comprehensive streaming coverage on the market.

USPGA and European Tour events are easily accessible through the Paddy Power homepage whilst LPGA tour events are also frequently available.

In addition to the alluring live streaming features, Paddy Power also offer excellent odds to their players on golf markets – including Best Odds Guaranteed on many tournaments and they often pay out to as many as 10 places on each way bets.

With regular in-play betting options and odds, in addition to a range of golf betting promotions – Paddy Power is a comprehensive resource for all levels of golf fan.

2. Bet Victor

Bet Victor are able to bring live golf streaming to their punters on most events, including PGA and European Tour events.

Whilst streaming quality can sometimes be a little suspect, the multitude of golf markets, coupled with excellent golf betting odds, makes Bet Victor an attractive proposition for golf punters.

Navigation with Bet Victor is easy and accessing live streaming golf action is simple from the homepage and with an array of in-play bets available too, Bet Victor offers a complete golf streaming and betting package to their customers.

3. Bet 365

As a company at the forefront of in-play betting and live streaming, Bet 365 have been flying the flag for golf within the congested sportsbook market for the best part of a decade.

The unpredictability and value to be found in golf betting is a huge draw for punters and Bet 365 reward their customers with frequent loyalty bonuses that can be used on golf betting markets and some of the very best golf betting odds around.

Live golf streaming from Bet 365 centres around the PGA, European and Sunshine Tours – with excellent quality streams always available.

In-play bets are very accessible too allowing players to bet and watch the golfing action simultaneously with Bet 365.

4. Ladbrokes

When it comes to live streaming, few companies offer the resources that Ladbrokes do.

With a dedicated live sport streaming platform, fans never miss any of the action with Ladbrokes and although their golf output is a little one dimensional, players get a holistic live streaming experience with Ladbrokes.

In-play betting is at the forefront of the operation, with instant bets and enticing odds adorning the landing pages and punters can always find value in the promotions Ladbrokes offer.

The golf markets served up by Ladbrokes are comprehensive and niches can always be found – ideal for experienced punters looking to add to their bank balance.

The quality of live streaming with Ladbrokes is solid, ensuring punters never miss any of the action and with value to be found in the betting markets too, it is a reliable golf betting and streaming resource.

5. Sky Bet

As a broadcasting company, Sky have held a monopoly on sport in the UK and beyond for over 30 years and golf events has always been big on their agenda.

Consequently, Sky customers can watch all of the live golf output Sky give to their customers, through both the Sky Bet desktop site and app.

Quality is assured with Sky, from the actual stream itself through to the statistical analysis, every base is covered.

Sky Bet’s odds have a reputation for being modest and they tend to centre on events that they broadcast but for golf fans looking to bet on and watch golf, it is a solid golf bookmaker.