Best Free Live Football Streaming Sites in 2022

Online streaming has become in recent years one of the most popular ways to watch live football matches.

Whether you are looking to stream a live UEFA Champions League match, Premier League, La Liga or any other football match, there are always some accessible streaming options.

Since being able to stream football matches has become hugely important to many sport fans, many streaming and betting sites have looked to jump on the bandwagon as they attempt to cater for demand.

Whilst English football is hugely popular, a trend that has been heightened by the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, the clamour for live football all over the world is as big now as it ever has been and having access to football streaming platforms is an essential part of any sports’ fans armoury.

We would like to make it clear that we do not encourage or in any way condone any form of piracy. When visiting streaming sites, it’s your responsibility to check the legal and copyright status of the content you access.

Sportsbooks have also become savvy to the appeal of being able to offer live streaming on football, as it allows punters to bet on and watch the action as it unfolds – adding to the sense of jeopardy in every fixture and the emotional involvement of fans.

Finding the Best Free Football Streaming Sites

With so many football streaming sites available to fans, there are plenty of things to look out for:

Ad Pop-Ups

Accessing football streaming can be a torturous experience for fans if they are constantly inundated with advertisements and pop-ups that prevent them from watching the game.

The best live football streaming sites keep ads to a minimum, allowing fans to settle down and watch the action without being interrupted.

Security Measures

Streaming from an unregistered site can carry a huge risk for sports fans as their data can be breached and used by unlicensed organisations.

Be sure to research both the credibility and the licensing agreement of any website before streaming live football action through it.

As a general rule of thumb, websites that have been on the scene for a few years and have good reviews by users, can normally be trusted.

Best Regular Live Football Streaming Sites

Regular live football streaming sites are standalone sites that provide sports action for fans, without being affiliated to betting organisations.

1. FootyBite

When it comes to football streaming, very few operations offer the diversity and stream quality that FootyBite do.

With unrivalled access to a range of footballing leagues and matches all over the world, FootyBite offer a comprehensive level of football streaming service to all fans wanting to stay on top of the action.

FootyBite are also known for being one of the ‘cleanest’ sites around, with fans able to watch the action safe in the knowledge that their data is being protected.

In addition, the limited ads, and pop-ups on FootyBite enhance the viewing experience allowing football fans to kick back and watch the action as it unfolds.

2. FromHot’s

Football coverage is a multi-billion pound industry and with matches taking place all over the world at any given time, fans have never enjoyed such a wealth of access.

FromHot’s look to cater for every football fan with their vast array of football streaming offerings, from leagues in all four corners of the globe.

Provided minimum connection levels are met, FromHot’s pride themselves on a high level of streaming quality on their website and the adverts and pop-up’s are relatively infrequent.

In addition, FromHot’s has a supremely high level of security, allowing fans to live stream the action with optimum peace of mind.

3. RojaDirecta

Few streaming sites can compete with RojaDirecta when it comes to football offerings, with matches in the UK, Europe and beyond easily accessible for football fans desperate to watch their favourite team in action.

Whilst their impressive array of matches are attractive, RojaDirecta do have some sticky advertising campaigns, that can tarnish the viewing experience for fans that are glued to the action.

But with statistical analysis on most games, access to betting odds and instant replays on most major matches, football streaming purists couldn’t ask for more when watching the action with RojaDirecta.

4. LiveTV

As a sports streaming provider, LiveTV can rarely be beaten and their football offering stands up well against the competition.

Football fans need not worry about missing any games with LiveTV – all of the major leagues are covered and with highlight packages available, football is a big part of the LiveTV operation.

Annoyingly, pop-up ads can be rather stubborn on the LiveTV streaming site, a frustration for every football fan but excellent streaming quality often negates the ads for users.

Football betting enthusiasts also get full value with LiveTV as they can access the latest odds with ease, adding to the options football fans have when watching the game with LiveTV.

5. VIPRow

Football fans need to watch all of the action and whilst VIPRow do of course have some pop-ups that can interrupt proceedings, they seldom get in the way of the viewing experience.

Football is one of the main sports on offer with VIPRow and whilst their overall match coverage isn’t as comprehensive as some offerings on the market, most major leagues and matches are covered.

VIPRow pride themselves on having a highly user-friendly site, where accessing the action is a doddle and for both the casual and the ardent football fan, VIPRow is the perfect football streaming resource.

Best Live Football Streaming Betting Sites

Football streaming through online bookmakers has revolutionised the sport, with astronomical sums of money now being poured into live football betting and the options punters have at their disposal.

Punters can now not only bet on the move, but they are able to watch the action through the sportsbook website too, giving football fans more choice than ever before when betting on the ‘Beautiful Game’.

1. Paddy Power

Comprehensive football streaming offerings have become commonplace for sports bookmakers but very few operations are as well-oiled as Paddy Power.

Paddy Power streams mostly lower league football matches in the UK and a multitude of football matches in Europe and beyond.

Most football streaming options can be accessed without placing a stake for Paddy Power customers and with in-play betting odds adorned all over the football betting page, there are multiple chances to bet as the action is unfolding with Paddy Power.

With frequent offers and promotions for new and existing customers as well as high quality football streaming, Paddy Power offer a comprehensive football streaming experience for all levels of punter.

2. Uni Bet

Football betting is an integral part of the operation for Uni Bet, who offer live streaming capacity across a multitude of football matches in Europe and further afield.

A betting site for football purists, Uni Bet perfectly encapsulate the importance of being able to watch and bet on a football match simultaneously.

Uni Bet also offer some of the most competitive odds on football betting of any sportsbooks and for a nominal minimum bet, punters can access live football streaming with ease.

Overall navigation on the Uni Bet website is easy too, allowing rookie and expert punters plenty of ammunition to maximise their football betting experience with Uni Bet.

3. Betway

In-play betting has become huge business for online sportsbooks in recent years and few operations have embraced the trend as wholeheartedly as Betway.

Live streaming and in-play punting is part of the fabric at Betway, with punters able to access betting markets from the instant they open the Betway homepage.

Live football streaming is comprehensive with Betway, with leagues and matches all over the world well represented.

The betting odds offered by Betway are also very competitive, allowing punters to get maximum earning potential when betting on and watching football at the same time.

Whilst Betway’s overall usability isn’t the most renowned amongst sportsbooks, their live streaming operation is slick and there are plenty of live markets for bettors to get stuck into.

4. Sky Bet

Sky Sports have had the monopoly on English football for nearly 30 years and the sports betting arm of their operation, Sky Bet, has become a major player within online sports betting.

Football fans can access the Sky Sports live streaming pages (provided they are a Sky customer) and with excellent viewing quality, Sky offer a comprehensive package to their subscribers.

The Sky Bet homepage is awash with football betting promotions and offers for punters to get stuck into and the statistical analysis offered by Sky is some of the very best around.

With minimum betting limits and the need to be a Sky customer to access the streaming often a hindrance for punters, Sky Bet isn’t the easiest website to stream from, but once customers have signed up, they will receive one of the very best live football streaming experiences on the market.

5. Bet 365

As the world’s biggest online bookmaker, Bet 365 are live streaming pioneers and they have set the blueprint that most sportsbooks use with their live streaming operations today.

Although Bet 365 does not stream all of the biggest games, they have a plethora of football streaming options from outside of the UK for fans to utilise.

Odds are always good with Bet 365, with punters guaranteed to get good value for money and with frequent odds and promotions, there are plenty of opportunities to win when betting with Bet 365.

In-play betting and live streaming go hand in hand with Bet 365 and players can instantly access odds and markets on the Bet 365 football page and with a 24/7 footballing calendar, football fans always get a comprehensive live streaming experience when betting with Bet 365.