Best Free Live Greyhound Streaming Sites in 2022

As one of the oldest sports on the UK, greyhound racing continues to be possible with both betting fans and genuine dogs enthusiasts alike.

Central to the appeal with the ‘dogs’ is convenience. With races taking place across the UK (and beyond) every 5 minutes, betting fans can sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options at their disposal.

Furthermore, with only 6 dogs taking part in every race, the permutations in every race are relatively limited – meaning there are a wealth of markets bettors can access without losing any of their winning potential.

Dog tracks across the UK aren’t the hive of activity they once were but with online bookmakers able to see the value in greyhound racing, the industry is flourishing with punters and sportsbooks alike.

Essential to greyhound racing’s success is the accompanying live streaming options available on every race, with punters able to watch the action unfold whilst betting on it – adding to the holistic experience.

We would like to make it clear that we do not encourage or in any way condone any form of piracy. When visiting streaming sites, it’s your responsibility to check the legal and copyright status of the content you access.

Online betting has swarmed the market in recent times and with in-play betting replacing in-store, punters have seen greyhound as a niche in the market.

Finding the Best Free Greyhound Streaming Sites

With so many greyhound streaming sites available to fans, there are plenty of things to look out for:

Race Frequency

Despite being only a quintessentially British sport, greyhound racing is one of the most regular sporting events in the country, with meets taking place every day and races starting every few minutes.

Finding a streaming provider with good race frequency is important for any greyhound racing enthusiast.

Advertisement Pop-ups

Most greyhound races are fast and furious affairs and regular and stubborn pop-ups can prevent viewers from watching the action unfold. Research on which streaming sites have limited advertisement campaigns can greatly enhance the viewing experience for users.

Security Measures

Streaming sport action from any website can sometimes carry a risk and that is very much the case with greyhound racing.

Always use an antivirus software and a VPN service when visiting a streaming site – to avoid any potential scams and nasty viruses attacking your computer or phone. 

Best Regular Live Greyhound Streaming Sites

Regular live greyhound streaming sites are standalone sites that provide greyhound action for fans, without being affiliated to betting organisations.

1. VIP League

User safety is essential when live streaming any sport and few sites offer the level of security that VIP League provide for their users.

Their greyhound racing streaming options are second to none, with fans able to watch all of the action from dog tracks in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

In addition to the coverage offered by VIP League, greyhound fans are also kept abreast of the latest betting odds and statistics from a range of reputable greyhound tipster services.

With limited ad pop-ups and a high level of usability, VIP League is the perfect resource for all level of greyhound racing follower looking for a reliable live streaming service.

2. VIPRow

Greyhound racing is known for its frenetic nature and few streaming sites manage to put fans more at ease than VIPRow.

Navigation on the VIPRow website is a breeze, with all races and meets clearly marked and with a range of streaming options available, fans never miss any of the action from the track.

Whilst the quality of the streams with VIPRow can sometimes be a little hit and miss, the market depth and race frequency offered by VIPRow allows fans to stay in the loop with all of the latest movements on the greyhound racing scene.

With high level licensing agreements and limited advertising campaigns, VIPRow’s greyhound coverage has the user at heart.

3. Stream2Watch

Greyhound racing is compelling viewing and Stream2Watch look to keep their users up to date with all of the latest happenings from racetracks from the UK, Ireland and beyond.

The race frequency offered by Stream2Watch is one of the best of the market and with commentary options and statistical analysis, fans never miss any of the greyhound action.

Advertising campaigns are stubborn and can pop up at inopportune moments with Stream2Watch but with high quality streams, fans are always kept in the loop when live streaming greyhound racing.

4. Live TV

Live TV has long been providing sports streaming services to its army of fans and the greyhound section of the Live TV website is as comprehensive as any other offering on the market.

With a range of streams from most UK racing tracks, fans are always kept in the loop with Live TV.

Security protocols are of the highest standard with Live TV, who also look to limit the amount of annoying advertising pop-ups present as the action unfolds.

The quality of the streams on Live TV is not always high but for fans looking to get a glimpse of the latest greyhound action, it is a solid website.

5. FromHot’s

User-friendly websites can be difficult to come by in the world of live sport streaming but FromHot’s buck the trend somewhat by offering their users an easy to navigate resource.

All of the major events on the UK and Irish greyhound calendar are easily accessible as well as range of daily meets that avid greyhound fans can’t miss out on.

Advertisements can be a little sticky with FromHot’s and the streaming quality can be a little hit and miss but for fans looking to keep up to date with greyhound racing, FromHot’s is a decent resource.

Best Live Greyhound Racing Streaming Betting Sites

Betting and greyhound racing has gone hand in hand within British society for centuries and in the age of online bookmaking, greyhound racing continues to be a huge money spinner for bookies and punters alike.

With 6 dogs going off in any race and the unpredictability of the dogs running unaided around a track central to the sports’ appeal, it continues to be big business as a sport within the ever-evolving UK sports betting sphere.

1. Ladbrokes

As principal sponsor of many events on the UK greyhound racing calendar and with a rich history within UK bookmaking, Ladbrokes have always taken greyhound racing seriously within their sportsbook.

There is a dedicated live streaming platform on the Ladbrokes website for greyhound fans to watch all of the latest races in UK and Ireland and with statistical analysis, greyhound punters never miss a beat.

High quality streams are a given with Ladbrokes, who offer excellent greyhound betting odds too – making them the most comprehensive greyhound racing offering on the market.

2. Betway

Another betting outfit that takes greyhound racing and the accompanying markets seriously is Betway, who offer some of the best live streaming options on the market.

For a nominal minimum bet, customers can access all of the latest greyhound races on both the Betway website and app.

The odds offered by Betway perhaps aren’t as competitive as some other sportsbooks provide but the market depth and race frequency offered by Betway ensures punters are always kept in the loop.

With commentary and statistical analysis from every race track in the country, Betway are the perfect bookmaker for rookie greyhound punters to bet with and live stream from.

3. Bet 365

Bet 365 have set the international blueprint for live streaming and in-play betting and much of their success has stemmed from the greyhound racing market.

It was one of the sports that brought Bet 365 to prominence as it gave players the opportunity to bet on and watch greyhound action as it unfolded, and those core principles remain with Bet 365 today.

With races from all of the UK tracks and in-play odds adorning the Bet 365 homepage, navigation is simple – enabling punters to get a holistic experience when live streaming and betting on greyhound racing with Bet 365.

4. William Hill

Few bookmakers have the level of kudos in the UK that William Hill enjoy and their status within the world of greyhound racing is unrivalled.

Being a major sponsor of most of the major races on the UK greyhound racing calendar, William Hill provide financial stability for the sport at grass roots level and promote it vigorously to their punters.

William Hill often provides “Best Odds Guaranteed” and a range of promotional activity attached to greyhound racing, so that fans know they are getting good value for money.

The live streaming coverage offered by William Hill on greyhound racing perhaps isn’t as reliable as some but with plenty of in-play betting options and attractive odds, it is a good site for punters to use when betting on the dogs.

5. Paddy Power

Promotional activity is at the heart of the operation with Paddy Power, as they look to attract new customers and few sports are as well represented in that department as greyhound racing.

Paddy Power recognise the money spinning abilities of greyhound racing and with events taking place every few minutes, punters are encouraged to bet on the dogs with a range of attractive promotions and in-play odds that adorn the homepage.

For a nominal minimum bet, Paddy Power customers can watch all races in the UK and Ireland unfold and the live streaming quality offered by Paddy Power is more than adequate – making it a reliable resource for all levels of greyhound betting punter.