Best Free Live Cricket Streaming Sites in 2022

With rich heritage in the commonwealth, few sports are as internationally renowned as cricket and the multitude of accompanying of streaming and betting markets are booming.

Test Match Cricket continues to be the choice of viewing pleasure for purists of the game whilst the emergence of One Day International and T20 cricket has also boomed in recent years.

Limited overs cricket continues to take on many forms with T10 cricket and the Hundred, two exciting new formats that adds to the growing brand of cricket worldwide.

Cricket enjoys a unique scoring system that makes both live streaming and live betting compelling in equal measure. Domestic and international fixtures are taking place all over the world 12 months of the year and the best streaming sites keep fans abreast of all the action.

We would like to make it clear that we do not encourage or in any way condone any form of piracy. When visiting streaming sites, it’s your responsibility to check the legal and copyright status of the content you access.

Finding the Best Free Cricket Streaming Sites

With so many cricket streaming sites available to fans, there are plenty of things to look out for:

Market Depth

Cricket follows the sun around the world and there are tours and matches taking place frequently on the cricketing calendar.

The best streaming sites offer plenty of variety within the marketplace, so be sure to look out for the cricket sites that serve up the most comprehensive offering.

Security Measures

Streaming through any site always carries a risk, regardless of which sport is being watched and cricket is no different.

The most reputable live cricket streaming sites have stringent protocols and can be trusted by all users, so be sure to research the credibility of each site before streaming. 

Packed Schedule

Few sports are as internationally played as cricket and the packed schedule is testament to it’s appeal. The world cricketing calendar is a huge pull for fans and the best streaming sites are looking to provide as many matches to watch as possible.

Best Regular Live Cricket Streaming Sites

Regular live cricket streaming sites are standalone sites that provide sports action for fans, without being affiliated to betting organisations.

1. CricHD

Finding a reliable cricket streaming resource shouldn’t be a challenge for fans, with such variety within the marketplace but few offer the quality of diverse coverage provided by CricHD.

With streams available across county cricket in England, Australia, South Africa, and India as well as a range of franchise and international match options – fans are spoilt for choice with CricHD.

Exclusive access to statistics and analysis is also available with CricHD, who do have a few frustrating advertising campaigns but deliver a superb level of service for any cricket streaming enthusiast.

2. Crickfree

Another streaming service than prioritises cricket, Crickfree have long been established as one of the most secure free live sport streaming providers around.

With excellent quality live coverage from international and domestic cricket in equal measure, fans are always kept abreast of the action with Crickfree.

Accompanying highlight packages and statistical analysis are also available with Crickfree, who look to always keep their customers informed of the latest happenings from the cricketing world.

Pop-ups can be stubborn with Crickfree and consequently, a degree of patience is required but for those looking for live, free cricket streaming – Crickfree are an excellent choice.

3. Sport Lemon

Diversity is at the heart of the operation with Sport Lemon, who look to serve up as many different sporting vocations as possible for their users to watch and their cricket coverage stands up well in comparison to other market offerings.

Domestic cricket can sometimes be hard to come by (unless it is being shown on TV in England or Australia), but international and franchise cricket fans won’t be disappointed by Sport Lemon’s market variety.

In addition, Sport Lemon look to keep pop-ups to a minimum for users, enabling uninterrupted coverage of most matches but the actual quality of output can sometimes be compromised as a result.

4. VIPRow

Cricket betting has become big business and consequently many streaming companies have looked to generate revenue by affiliating with sports bookmakers to promote their cricket streaming activities.

VIPRow have a very betting centric cricket streaming site, with odds and promotions often central to their advertising campaigns and whilst the pop-ups are frequent, they are generally pretty easy to shift.

The actual cricket offering by VIPRow isn’t perhaps as comprehensive as some other sites, with a clear focus on international cricket but as a resource for live cricket streaming, VIPRow is very reliable.

5. Live TV

Having been a major player on the live sports streaming scene for many years, Live TV are always looking to serve up the most diverse sports streaming experience possible for their users.

Domestic and international cricket is easily accessible with Live TV – who also don’t require a sign-up to be able to watch their output.

As with many sports, the frequency and stubbornness of their advertising campaigns is a negative for Live TV but with a variety of cricket streams (often with different commentary languages), Live TV is a solid streaming site for cricket fans to access.

Best Live Cricket Streaming Betting Sites

With some cricket matches being played over 5 days and others over a matter of hours, few sports offer as much diversity within the sports betting marketplace than cricket.

Test Matches are of course a real slog for the uninitiated, but they provide incredible in-play betting opportunities for punters looking to get value from their bets.

The speed of the game of cricket too has also enabled betting fans to find value in multiple cricket in-play betting markets such as: how many runs will be scored from the next ball/over, next batsmen to be dismissed, method of dismissal and margin of victory.

With so many variables in a game of cricket, it is both a punter and a bookmakers dream and the emergence of live cricket streaming on sports betting websites reflects that.

1. William Hill

William Hill has been part of the fabric for sports betting in the UK for generations and cricket is a big part of their operation.

Live streaming and in-play betting are commonplace with William Hill, who also offer some of the very best cricketing odds around.

T20 competitions in England, India, Australia, Pakistan and beyond all present ideal opportunities for players to win money when cricket betting with William Hill.

Their market depth is unrivalled, with punters able to access all of the major cricketing markets – as well as plenty of niche ones – allowing every player to find the market that suits their needs best.

Live streaming output is available on a dedicated platform with William Hill and punters are sure never to miss any of the action.

2. Ladbrokes

Cricket is a big part of the Ladbrokes betting operation and the live streaming options associated are huge.

Fans can watch most domestic and international cricket fixtures through both the Ladbrokes website and desktop app, as well as franchise cricket from all four corners of the globe.

Live streaming quality isn’t always the very best with Ladbrokes and there is a minimum bet requirement, but cricket fans that bet on the action will be able to watch it simultaneously.

Furthermore, the excellent in-play betting offerings Ladbrokes provide and their hugely competitive cricket odds, make Ladbrokes a reputable resource for all levels of punter that are cricket enthusiasts.

3. Bet 365

Bet 365 are notoriously the world’s biggest online bookmaker and their cricket betting offering is second to none.

There are no stones left unturned by Bet 365, who look to entice punters with a vast array of cricket betting markets and in-play niches that cricket anoraks love betting on.

Live streaming is a big part of the operation with Bet 365 and punters can watch and bet on live cricket action simultaneously, across a range of cricketing markets.

Stats and in-play betting options adorn the homepage with Bet 365, who provide excellent cricket coverage, with decent live streaming quality and whilst they are a bookmaker used by many sports fans, their cricket offering stands up well within a congested marketplace.

4. Coral

As a quintessentially British bookmaker, it is perhaps no surprise to see Coral taking cricket betting seriously as a traditional British sport.

Live streaming options with Coral are simple to navigate and punters can enjoy a moveable feast of cricketing action from all over the world on a daily basis.

The dedicated live streaming platform allows punters to access domestic and international cricket for a nominal betting fee and whilst the quality of the live streams can be a little indifferent, bettors never miss any of the action.

Coral also have a hold on the market with the excellent odds they offer to punters and with plenty of value to be found when betting on cricket, they are an excellent bookmaker for cricket punters to utilise.

5. Betfair

When it comes to odds, Betfair are very rarely beaten within the cricket betting sphere and they also offer one of the most comprehensive cricket streaming offerings on the market too.

All international fixtures along with a plethora of domestic and franchise cricket streams are accessible through Betfair, who look to keep their punters in the loop with a wealth of in-play odds and statistics on the cricket as it unfolds.

Betting and watching cricket simultaneously is a huge draw for cricket fans and Betfair are one of the best providers on the market, for all levels of cricket fan.